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Research Departments

People and their specialist unique knowledge are our greatest assets. Our employees have decades of experience gained both during work for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and for other Partners from broadly defined mining sector.

We offer expertise and research as well as design, measurement and laboratory services in almost all key areas related to the mining industry. We specialize in mining, ventilation, electrification, mechanisation and automation of mines, geology and hydrogeology, ore processing, environmental protection, modern energy technologies, as well as geodetic and cartographic services.

The services we offer comprise all phases of the research & development activities from testing to design, environmental impact assessment, feasibility study and supervision of the implementation stage.

Mining Department

Mining Aerology Department

Industrial Construction and Material Research Department

Rock Mass Mechanics Department

Geology Department

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department

Environmental Protection Department

Energy Technologies Department

System Analytics Department

Geodesy Department

Applied Psychology and Preventive Medicine Department

Process Engineering Department


Within our Research and Development Centre there are two accredited laboratories and several laboratory units (operating within the Research Departments, so you can find their description in the tab dedicated to them), which form a specialist scientific and research network. Our laboratories carry out work and analyses related to key areas of the mining sector.

The guarantee of high quality and professionalism of our research is a perfectly qualified staff with several dozen years of experience in the execution of a wide range of orders related to the broadly understood mining industry. The equipment available to our scientists allows us to perform research and analyses to the highest quality standards.

Each of our laboratories has a management system implemented in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Laboratory of Material Research

Dust, Gas and Climate Hazards Laboratory