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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department

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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department

The activity of our Department focuses mainly on the performance of scientific, research and design work concerning mechanisation and power supply in mining as well as on the implementation of new technological solutions in the mining industry.

We solve engineering problems for the technology of deposit exploitation, ore processing and smelting:

  • in mechanical and installation scope covering mechanisation systems, hydraulic and pneumatic drives, mining supports, haulage and reloading devices of the output, conveyor belts, basic and auxiliary mobile mining machinery and management of those machinery in mines, water networks and industrial installations, measurement of parameters of machine operation, monitoring and remote control of their operation, telemechanics, simulation, automation and optimization of production processes,
  • in electric scope covering exploitation of installations and drives of electric devices of medium and low voltage, electric equipment of industrial technological lines, electric and energy economy, passive power compensation and filtration of higher harmonic voltages, electric shock protection in electric networks and devices.

We prepare opinions and expert appraisals concerning the technical condition and operation of mechanical and electric devices in mining. We prepare attestation documentation and the assessment of products as part of the operation permit procedure in mining facilities.

We also carry out technical and economic analyses of new technological solutions and investment undertakings in accordance with UNIDO methodology on the basis of Invest for Excel computer programme.
Orders are performed by a specialised team of scientists and engineers. Technical projects are executed with the use of engineering computer programmes for 2D design (Auto CAD Mechanical and Electrical) and Auto CAD Inventor for 3D design, and investor cost estimates are prepared on the basis of Norma PRO.

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