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Standardisation services

Technical Committee no. 221 for Mining, Modification and Ore Analysis acting at KGHM CUPRUM Research and Development Centre in Wrocław offers development of Polish Standards in the aforementioned scope. We are the leading Committee in cooperation with International Technical Committee ISO TC 183 (ores and concentrates of copper, zinc, lead, nickel) in issues concerning chemical analyses of raw materials and products enriching ores of non-ferrous metals.

Standards we have developed perfectly support quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management systems (ISO 14001), accredited research laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025) and Health and Safety at Work (PN-N-18001/OHSAS). Our offer also includes development of factory standards for the purpose of companies from KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Capital Group, the thematic scope of which encompasses production and research stages indicated by the client that require standardization. According to the requirements of Polish Accreditation Centre, standardized research methods are validated methods. At the request of the client, we introduce provisions included in the latest international (ISO), European (EN) and foreign standards to the norms developed by us..

Technical Committee also deals with the updates and applies for implementation of changes to already existing PN norms. In 2014, in cooperation with WUG, we updated the provisions of the Polish Standard PN-G-03100 “Work protection in mining. Climate conditions of underground mines. Determination of alternative climate temperature”, cited in Occupational Health and Safety provisions and in the mining law.

The high level of the aforementioned standards is guaranteed by a representative six-person Technical Committee for Mining, Modification and Ore Analysis, with the participation of representatives of University of Science and Technology (AGH), Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Quality Research Centre (CBJ), KGHM ZANAM, INOVA Technical Innovations Centre, and specialists from KGHM CUPRUM – Research and Development Centre. We are authors of a few dozen PN standards.

Our employees represent KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. in work of other Technical Committees that give opinion and develop drafts of ISO, EN and PN norms, in the scope of:

TC no. 164 for Mining Safety,
TC no. 275 for Technique and Hazards in Mining,
TC no. 285 for Mining Machinery and Underground Devices.

We guarantee professional consultancy, competitive prices and short lead times of orders on the basis of over 30-year experience of KGHM CUPRUM in developing norms and standards.

Leszek Krawczyk (Chair of Technical Committee no. 221 for Mining, Modification and Ore Analysis), a representative of KGHM CUPRUM CBR, is a member of Sector Council of the Mining Sector of the Polish Committee for Standardization.

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