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Laboratory of Material Research

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Laboratory of Material Research

Our Laboratory is a specialized research unit. Its advantages include: qualified and well-educated experts and professional measurement and research apparatus. We conduct a wide range of research covering specification of physical and mechanical properties of rocks, concrete, land and other construction material (both natural and man-made) in conditions of different loads.

The activity of Laboratory is conducted in accordance with applicable Polish norms, meets the requirements of European standards such as PN-EN ISO 9001 and PN-EN ISO 14001 in the scope of management and environmental protection and PN EN 17025 norm concerning the quality of conducted research.

High qualifications of staff and professional experience gained and extended during almost 40 years of the existence of the Laboratory are a guarantee of high quality of our research. Our professionalism has been confirmed by the certificate obtained in Polish Accreditation Centre.

We conduct our research on the basis of the following methods:

  • Testing of technical condition of the construction of shaft lining made with reference to the assessment of resistance parameters of the material of the lining is conducted with the non-destructive method, with the use of modern ultrasonic and sclerometric apparatus, with the scaling procedure as regards non-destructive methods of tests of samples taken from the lining.
    The aforementioned research methods have accreditation no. AB 726 of Polish Accreditation Centre in Warsaw.
  • The applied methodology of examination of anchor lining and excavation beam is based on solutions prepared by Strata Control Technology.
  • Examination of tieback anchors for reinforcement are carried out on the basis of own methodology verified by laboratory and object research.
  • Examination of land is carried out with the use of normalized methods (PN-88/B-04481:1988).
  • Control of physical properties of backfill materials of natural and industrial origin and verification of the condition of backfill pipelines are carried out on the basis of methodology specified in the applicable norms and internal instructions.
    Applied research methods have accreditation no. AB 726 of Polish Accreditation Centre in Warsaw.

Our qualifications:

We are qualified as the appraiser following the decision of the President of State Mining Authority. We are authorized to:

  • Issue opinions on selection of shaft lining and shaft inlets, and in plants excavating bituminous coal – selection of the excavation lining with the cross-section exceeding 30 m2,
  • Specify current and anticipated status of hazards connected with rock bump (deck) or its part, taking into account geological and mining conditions, geomechanical properties of deck and examination of beam rock for the purpose of classifying the deposit and the deck within relevant levels of hazardous rock bump,
  • Specify beam classes and floor of deposit of copper ore in underground plants excavating copper ores for purposes connected with classification of the deposit within relevant levels of hazardous rock bump,
  • Match anchor lining on the basis of specific geomechanical properties of rocks and beam classes for the purpose of matching such lining in mining facilities excavating copper ores.

We hold the following equipment:

  • Ultrasonic set for non-destroying examination of concrete and brickwalls,
  • Sclerometres, type M and N, including sclerometres with a digital processing of results of measurements for concrete examination,
  • Reflectoscope GE USM 35 XS,
  • georadar Mala CX,
  • ultrasonic concrete tester Olson Instruments CTG-1TFSW-ST,
  • ultrasonic concrete tester Proceq Tico,
  • ultrasonic concrete tester ACSYS UK1401M SURFER,
  • petrol drilling rig with hydraulic drive,
  • extensometric probe,
  • sets of tolling anchors,
  • digital ultrasonic thickness gauge by Krautkramer,
  • set of oedometers and equipment for testing water permeability,
  • durometer, type Compact 1500 equipped with a set for registering compression,
  • air condition chamber by Ernst Votach,
  • rigid testing machines of Walter+Bai company type S 1500 D and DP 100 S,
  • durometer by Amsler type 200 D79,
  • durometer by VEB Lipsk type ZD-40,
  • pressure aggregate by Walter+Bai type PA-HD 2000 with a chamber type TZ-2000 for triaxial tests,
  • set of machines with diamond tools for rock processing and preparation of test specimens,
  • registering sets for keeping measurements of parameters of vibrations on the surface of the area and in mining excavations,
  • shearing test apparatus,
  • VSS disc,
  • Mechanical apparatus Proctora,
  • edometer,
  • basic equipment for laboratory tests of physical properties of land.


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