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Geology Department

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Geology Department

We offer a series of innovative design and documentation as well as scientific and research services in the scope of broadly defined geology, hydrogeology, water management, geoinformatics and geotourism.

The activity of our Department concerns three areas, i.e. expert, research and laboratory areas.

The expert activity (supported by experts licensed in geology in category II, IV, XI, XII and XIII and confirmed qualifications to carry out activities as regards maintenance supervision in facilities dealing with geological works with the use of the hole drilling method), we carry out works consisting in work design and documentation of mineral deposits, including mineral and thermal waters. We specialise in complex geological handling of appraisal and exploration projects starting with the reconnaissance phase, through the design stage and formal handling of a concession process (by way of providing geological attendance and supervision over the execution of geological concessions), and ending with their settlement and preparation of documentation.
Our Department’s domain also consists in design and execution of monitoring works of water and ground environment with the automation of measurement processes and interpretation of data with the use of numeric modelling as well as advanced spatial analysis tools.

We are particularly experienced in the assessment of the influence of mining (at the stage of design, exploitation and shutdown) on underground and surface water.

Our activity also includes a wide spectrum of research work, e.g. connected with natural hazards in underground and open-pit mining facilities with innovative water economy combined with recovery of useful components from mining water and industrial wastes, analyses of raw materials markets, the evaluation of geological and mining projects, the evaluation of deposit resources with the use of 3D modelling, environmental analyses with the use of GIS and unmanned aerial vehicle (drones).

We are also open to educational projects that popularise knowledge of geology and mining and these connected with geotourism and development of post-mining facilities.

Research work and expertise

Measurement services

Our modern workrooms that render laboratory services are located in Pracze district, in Wrocław. Tests of parameters of rocks conducted in the Hydrogeological Workroom combined with analytical possibilities of Petrographic and Mineralogical Workroom provide us with a broad and interdisciplinary approach to issues connected with gas and liquid flows through rocks.

Moreover, both workrooms render standard services, e.g. making various rock preparations, (including thin microscope sections for direct and transmitted light), microscope tests in direct and transmitted light, or wet analyses.

Hydrogeological Workroom

Petrographic and Mineralogical Workroom


Dr Jacek Pyra
Geology Department Manager
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Leszek Kwaśny
acting Geology Department Deputy Manager
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