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Hydrogeological Workroom

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Hydrogeological Workroom

We deal with overall processes deciding about the water and gas flow in rocks, with particular emphasis on hard rocks. We hold modern equipment for laboratory and field hydrogeological research that is used on a daily basis for works connected with monitoring of water environment, e.g. for pumping and selection of water samples from holes with the vertical head of 100 m, or for measuring the location of water table up to the depth of 1000 m. We also carry out non-standard tests adjusted to individual specific needs of our Clients.

Tests of parameters of rocks conducted in Hydrogeological Workroom combined with analytical possibilities of Petrographic and Mineralogical Workroom provide us with a broad and interdisciplinary approach to issues connected with gas and liquid flows through rocks. It provides full description of the analysed material which enables interpretation of the results of tests.

We hold a series of devices to carry out tests for the purpose of assessing the parameters of water and substance migration in the rock environment, i.e.:

  • Permeability of firm and friable rocks in the range of up to 10-10 m/s,Porosity of rocks,
  • Water storage capacity (with a simulated pace and time of water storage capacity),
  • Parameters of water migration and pollution in porosity environment (e.g. fixing of solid dispersion, real migration time, delayed migration R for individual compounds),
  • Bulk density of rocks,
  • physical and chemical parameters of water.

We hold the following equipment:

  • Ejkelkamp permeameter,
  • GeonBat probe,
  • Working position for permeability of hard rocks,
  • Beckman Coulter high-speed centrifuge,
  • Equipment for testing grain size by the sieve and aerometric methods,
  • Working position and measures for selected physical properties of rocks with the measurement methodology,
  • Set of pumps with the aggregate with the vertical head of 100 m,
  • Sets for the measurement of the location of underground water table up to 1000 m,
  • A set of sensors with pressure compensation for continuous registration of the location of water table,
  • Multi-parameter measures of physical and chemical parameters of water,
  • Field flow meters– Valeport electromagnetic flow meter for the measurement of the flow of amount of water in a watercourse,
  • Sets for the take-off of geological cores in heterogenic grounds,
  • Light drilling equipment for cutting cores in hard rocks and taking core samples with a diameter from 20 to 162 mm,
  • Hand drilling equipment by Ejkelkamp,
  • Laboratory dryer and freezer.

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