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Industrial Construction and Material Research Department

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Industrial Construction and Material Research Department

The strategic purpose of the activity of our Department is to provide the existing and future clients with innovative design as well as research and scientific services in the scope of broadly defined area of mining construction covering mining facilities located under the ground and inter-related industrial facilities on the ground.

The activity of our Department concerns three areas, i.e. expert and research, design and laboratory areas. The expert activity (supported by the experts licensed for mining plant maintenance in group XIV – shaft lining, granted by the president of the State Mining Authority) consists in the execution of works the aim of which is to define the technical condition of structures of mining construction facilities, including in particular:

  • Shaft lining, tunnels, holding and backfill tanks,
  • Backfill raises,
  • Ventilation ducts etc.

The activity also encompasses research and analyses (including geomechanical analyses) of structures of underground mining facilities as regards prevention of damages and preparation of optimum methods of repair and reinforcement. We also provide expert work as regards specification of the class of roofs and floors and the classification of deposit void to specific levels of rockburst hazards.

There are five units operating in the Department:

  1. Design Mining Unit
  2. Design, Architectural and Construction Unit
  3. Mechanical and Technological Unit
  4. Electric and Automatic Design Unit
  5. Sanitary Installation Design Unit

Interdisciplinary approach enables us to perform complex design works. We also carry out technological designs, cost estimates and working schedules for the implemented designs.

Research work and expertise

Design services

Laboratory services

Measurement services

Material Research Laboratory conducts a wide range of tests covering determination of physical and mechanical properties of rocks, concrete, ground, and other natural and artificial construction materials produced in conditions of various stress.

Laboratory of Material Research


Sławomir Fabich, MSc. Eng.
Industrial Construction and Material Research Department Manager
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Sławomir Świtoń, Ph.D., engineer
Industrial Construction and Material Research Department Deputy Manager
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Adam Ludwig
Industrial Construction and Material Research Department Deputy Manager
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