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Rock Mass Mechanics Department

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Rock Mass Mechanics Department

Our Department employs qualified and experienced faculty rendering services in the scope of research and development work for mining industry. Our modern equipment provides our clients with the highest quality services.

The activity of the Department is focused mainly on solving problems in the area of geomechanics, geotechnology, mining geophysics and blasting technique. Employees of the Department are licensed as the State Mining Authority experts for mining plant maintenance in the following groups:

  • XII – blasting work,
  • XIII – rockbolt support, XIX – rockburst hazard and XXI – tests of technical solutions preceding implementation of new exploitation systems of copper, zinc and lead ores or variations of such systems.

We conduct numerical research and analyses in the aspect of geomechanical hazards generated in various geological and mining conditions of underground exploitation, including rock mass surrounded by mining excavations and exploitation fronts.

We specialise in preparation of analyses and seismic forecasts concerning direct and indirect influence, starting with deposit exploitation to the surface and underground constructions with a complex operation of underground and surface seismic measurements.

We also conduct theoretical analyses and tests connected with the assessment of risk of operation of industrial waste disposal as well as works connected with design of new rockbolt structures on the basis of innovative laboratory and in situ research.

Moreover, we conduct tests of blasters in in-situ conditions and render consulting services in the scope of selection of blasting metrics for underground and open-pit mining.

Employees of our Department are highly experienced in the execution of co-financed designs (including these financed under framework programmes of the European Commission), which materially strengthens our make in the environment of specialists abroad.

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Piotr Mertuszka, Assoc. Prof., Min. Eng.
Manager of the Rock Mass Mechanics Department
tel.  + 48 71 781 24 07
send e-mail:

Sikorskiego Street 2-8,
53-659 Wrocław

Lech Stolecki, Ph.D. Eng.
Deputy Manager of the Rock Mass Mechanics Department
tel.  + 48 71 781 22 51
send e-mail:

Sikorskiego Street 2-8,
53-659 Wrocław