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Mining Department

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Mining Department

The scope of the activity of the Mining Department encompasses complex technical and economic issues related to underground exploitation of mineral deposits, especially ores, including copper ores in Legnica and Głogów Copper Mining Region and problems of securing and adjusting historical underground excavations for tourist and recreational purposes.

Basic tasks of our Department include:

Technology of safe ore deposit exploitation, especially at large depths, in difficult geological and mining conditions, in areas at high risk of tremors and rockburst.

Problems of stability of underground excavations, including selection and monitoring of the condition of rockbolt support as well as modelling and bench testing of its cooperation with the rock mass, also in conditions of the influence of dynamic symptoms of the rock mass pressure.

We perform complex design, expert, research and development works for domestic and foreign business entities from the mining industry.

We also carry our expert, concept and design works as regards the assessment of the technical condition as well as security and adjustment of historical underground excavations for tourist purposes, e.g. for the Salt Mine in Wieliczka and local government units in Lower Silesia.

Research work and expert opinions are provided on the basis of qualifications of the expert of State Mining Authority for mining plant maintenance in the following groups:

  • XIII – rockbolt support,
  • XIX – rockburst hazards,
  • XXI – tests of technical solutions preceding implementation of new exploitation systems of copper, zinc and lead ores or variations of such systems.

Research work and expertise

Design services

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Maciej Madziarz, Ph.D., eng.
Mining Department Manager
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Daniel Pawelus, Ph.D., eng.
Mining Department Deputy Manager
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